Our Food Safety Management Policy

Quality is the cardinal principle governing all our operations at Quality Fruits (Pvt) Ltd. We are committed to satisfy customer requirements ahead of all competition whilst maintaining the competitiveness with respect to quality, cost, and delivery of products.

In this focus, we consistently meet industry best food safety standards, all applicable, local and global legislation including GOSL guidelines on Covid 19 prevention and mutually agreed customer requirements related to food safety.

Therefore, we shall:

  • Establish and maintain a food safety program complying to ISO 22000:2018 International Food Safety Management System Standards.
  • Respond to all issues related to internal and external context while meeting the interested party needs and expectations.
  • Establish food safety Prerequisite Programs (PP), Operational Prerequisite Programs (OPRP) and Critical Control Points (CCP) inline with local and global standards.
  • Set, deploy, monitor and review Food Safety Management System related objectives at planned intervals and continuously monitor them including Food Safety PP, OPRP and CCP with their effectiveness and take remedial and corrective actions in case of a failure, to eliminate the occurrence of any hazards in our operation.
  • Consistently review all related processes to identify potential, current food safety hazards and any changes which could impact the integrity of Food Safety Management System.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of food safety operations and food safety management systems.
  • Develop competence levels of all our employees and outsourced service providers through training and regular supervision.